87th Texas Legislative Session

Capitol Building in Austin, Texas

The 87th Texas Legislative session will begin in January, 2021, North Central Texas College will be asking state lawmakers to support community colleges across the state to ensure affordable, high-quality academic and technical training programs are available for students.

Texas Community Colleges Policy Priorities for the 87th Legislature

Funding: Investing in Texas Community Colleges (Formula Funding)

The Association adopted formula funding recommendations informed by the findings of the Community and Technical College Formula Advisory Committee (CTCFAC). However, the CTCFAC concluded its work prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when expectations for the 87th Legislature were optimistic. Considering current circumstances, TACC recommends an increase in appropriation for core operations to support stabilization of college operations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More Information on Funding

Workforce & Economic Recovery

The Association recommends supporting the Texas Reskilling & Upskilling through Education (TRUE) initiative, and specifically seeking statutory authority to create a state fund to support the program. To achieve the dual goals of workforce and economic recovery.

More Information on Economic Recovery

Reskilling & Upskilling -- The TRUE Workforce Initiative

Community colleges are well-positioned to support Texans seeking to upskill or reskill as we restart the Texas economy. View a statewide snapshot of this economic impact in this document.

Recently, NCTC Chancellor Dr. Brent Wallace joined Austin Fox7 Anchor Mike Warren for a
review of the TRUE Workforce Initiative and its progress in the 87th Legislative sessions. 

Dr. Brent Wallace interviewed by Fox7News

TACC is bringing fresh ideas to the 87th legislature including these concepts show describing respelling and upskilling

Senators, Representatives & Committees

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