Meet Our Board of Regents

NCTC Official SealThe Board of Regents provides policy direction for the North Central Texas Community College District and establishes goals consistent with the District's role and mission. The daily operations of North Central Texas College are managed by a professional staff which reports to a chief administrative officer (President). The governing board of the North Central Texas College Community College District is made up of seven members, with an Executive Committee made up of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

Visit the NCTC Policy Manual for more detailed information.

NCTC's governing board convenes for regular meetings on a monthly basis, normally on the third Monday, and meetings usually begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Conference Room (near the north entrance to the ASC Building, adjacent to the President's Office). Agendas for each regular monthly meeting are issued at least 72 hours in advance and are posted publicly.

All regular meetings of the NCTC Board of Regents are open to the public. Persons wishing to address the Board may do so during the "Public Forum" section of the agenda. Persons desiring to speak are asked (but not required) to submit a request to do so in advance. A time limit, usually five minutes but possibly less depending on the number of persons wishing to speak, may be imposed at the discretion of the board chair. In the interest of time, delegations representing a group or organization may be asked to appoint a spokesperson to express their views. (For complete policy, refer to Board Policy Manual, BDB - Local.)

The Board of Regents


Karla Metzler
Place 5
Term 2021-2027

Dick Haayen
Place 7
Term 2017-2023

Christy Morris
Place 1
Term 2019-2025


Jerry Don Henderson
Place 6
Term 2017-2023

Erica Sullivan
Place 3
Term 2021-2027

Dillon Ott*
Place 2
Term 2019-2025

Jon Grime
Place 4
Term 2021-2027

To be eligible to be a candidate for a public elected office in this state a person must meet the qualifications listed.

*Appointed to unexpired term.

Elections are held the first Saturday in May in an odd-numbered year. The next election will be held May 1, 2021.