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About eLearning

eLearning at North Central Texas College

The mission of the eLearning Department is to facilitate the continued growth and development of distance learning opportunities for a diverse and rapidly changing student population. The department strives to accommodate a wide range of online student needs and learner preferences.

Students can expect the same high-quality courses online as those taught on-campus. In online courses, students communicate regularly with their instructor and peers through a variety of applications, such as course email, discussion forums, and real-time chats.


NCTC eCampus is comprised of specialized systems and their users (e.g., students, faculty, and staff). The central platform to NCTC eCampus is the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). All online and hybrid courses at NCTC are delivered via Canvas. Face-to-face courses may also use Canvas to share content, communicate, and deliver assessments.

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Please remember that your official netID@student.nctc.edu email address is also the primary email address associated with your Canvas account. You can add additional contact methods to your Canvas account, but you cannot remove your netid@student.nctc.edu address from your Canvas account. This is necessary to ensure communication between student and instructor, and distribution of important system-wide information.

Meet the Team


Cindy Wittrock

Cindy Wittrock
eLearning Specialist

Campus: Gainesville
Email: cwittrock@nctc.edu
Phone: (940) 668-7731 (ext. 4966)

Axel Leos Instructional Designer eLearning    

Axel Leos
Instructional Designer

Campus: Gainesville

Email: aleos@nctc.edu 
Phone: (940) 668-7731 (ext. 4262)

Online Courses

A full listing of online or hybrid courses for the semester can be found using the MyNCTC Course Search.

Be sure your computer meets the technology requirements for online or hybrid courses.


Technical Support

NCTC users in need of technical support should use the eCampus Help Desk. If you are experiencing a technical issue that requires immediate help, such as an exam not functioning property in Canvas, please call the eCampus Help Desk at (940) 668-4243. eCampus Help Desk phone support is only available during regular business hours.

For technology support with NCTC Systems not managed by the eLearning Department, including NetID login assistance, GoPrint, ShoreTel, campus hardware, MyNCTC and other network and AV systems, please visit the ITS Department.

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Helpful Resources

Faculty Resources add
  • Webex Office Hours

    Webex Office Hours allows a student to sign up for a one-on-one meeting with the instructor during days/times designated by the instructor as office hours. The meetings can be recorded, if desired, and the recording will be available only to the student and instructor. When a student signs up for a certain time slot, Webex send a notice to both the student and the instructor that the meeting has been scheduled. When it is time for the meeting to begin, the instructor starts the Webex meeting. Once the office hours are set by the instructor in one course, those office hours carry over to every course and are set for the semester.

    Please see detailed instructions in the Webex Office Hours module in the Faculty Group in Canvas.

    Web Ex Meeting

    Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button) for online office hours

    Instructors can use Canvas Conferences for office hours by creating a conference and only inviting the one student who has requested a meeting. Scheduling for these office hours can be accomplished by using the “Appointment Group” tool in the Canvas Calendar. Please see more details in the Faculty Group.

    Canvas Conferences

    Other meeting applications

    If instructors choose to use any other meeting application, they will be responsible for ensuring the privacy of all student information. The eLearning Department does not support applications outside of the Canvas LMS.

  • Blended Learning Toolkit
  • Canvas Commons 101
  • Canvas Instructor Guide
  • Canvas Mobile App Guide
  • Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (Member)
  • Distance Education (DE) Committee
  • Is online teaching for me?
  • NCTC Library Online
  • NCTC Online Bookstore
  • Plagiarism Tutorial (Available in Canvas Classroom)

More Faculty Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online course? What is a hybrid course? add

An online course is delivered 80% - 100% online. A hybrid course is delivered 30% - 79% online.

What is NCTC eCampus? add

NCTC eCampus is comprised of specialized systems and their users (e.g., students, faculty, and staff).  The central platform to NCTC eCampus is the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). All online and hybrid courses at NCTC are delivered via Canvas.  Face-to-face courses may also use Canvas to share content, communicate, and deliver assessments.  Other systems, each providing a specific capability, integrate into Canvas, such as Respondus Lockdown Browser and VeriCite Originality Check. In addition, most 3rd party publisher content, such as McGraw-Hill and Pearson products, now integrate with Canvas.

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How much time should I expect to spend on an online course? add

Expect to spend at least the same amount of time for an online course as you would a face-to-face course (class time plus outside assignments).

What technology do I need to take an online course? add

You must have access to a computer with Internet and email capability when you enroll in an online or hybrid course.  While it may be possible to do some of your work in a computer lab, it is difficult to take a distance learning course without having a computer and Internet connection at home. Basic computer requirements for Canvas are available in the Canvas Community

How do I register for an online course? add

Admission requirements are the same for all NCTC students, regardless of whether the courses taken are online, hybrid, or face-to-face. Students must meet NCTC entrance requirements in order to enroll in online courses. Qualifying students register online after completion of an academic advising session. Visit the Office of Admissions/Registrar to learn more about admission requirements.

How do I drop an online course? add

Please visit the Office of Admissions/Registrar for the NCTC course drop policies.

When am I assigned a Canvas account? add

New Canvas accounts are usually created within 24 hours of registration.  Canvas accounts carryover from the previous semester.

When does my online class begin and end? add

All online courses begin the first day of the semester. Please check the NCTC course schedule for the exact date.  Online students are expected to login to Canvas on the first day of class.  When you login to your online course, you will see the expectations and deadlines for the course. Online courses are NOT self-paced.  Each instructor has a schedule with assignment due dates.  Online courses end on the last day of finals for the semester.   See the Academic Calendar for the exact date each semester.

How do I access my online course? add

Students can access Canvas from the college homepage, or directly by typing https:nctc.instructure.com into their browser. Every student is provided a Canvas account with  a username and password.  Use the NetID username (ex. DoeJ123456) and password - studentID number (followed by two zeros if the ID number has only 7 digits) to access Canvas.  If you register early, your NetID is available the week before classes begin.  If you register during regular or late registration, it is available approximately 24 hours after you register. Go to MyNCTC to retrieve your username.

How do I get started in my online course? add

You can access your online course the same day courses begin on campus. Be sure to login to your course the first day of the semester.

What kind of academic support services are available for online students? add

Please visit Academic and Student Support Services to learn about the services offered to students all students.

Is Canvas secure? add

Canvas is a secure, password protected learning environment.  Only your instructor, system administrators, and students enrolled in the course have access to course content.  A student has access to only his or her grades and cannot see the grades of other students.

Who do I contact with questions pertaining to the course? add

Contact your instructor. Check your course syllabus for contact information.

Who do I contact for technical support with NCTC eCampus? add

If you need technical support with any NCTC eCampus system, please contact the eCampus Help Desk.

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