The North Central Texas Community College District has managed traffic and parking regulations in order to ensure the safety of the campus community related to the operation and parking of vehicles on campus. These regulations apply to all operators of motor vehicles on campus. Various transportation options are available for on and off campus travel. Public transit for Denton County campuses are operated by DCTA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for parking? add

No! Parking is included in your tuition and fees. As a student, faculty, or staff member of North Central Texas College you are eligible for a parking permit.

There are 30-minute visitor spaces available on most campuses for short term guests and you can contact a sponsor department if you need visitor passes for a meeting or function.

Paid parking for the public in the Denton Exchange Campus garage is not open at this time.

Are parking permits required? add

Yes, beginning Fall 2019 parking permits will be required on all campuses.

How do I get a permit? add

Permits can be obtained easily online! Log in to your parking portal, register your vehicle(s), and complete the "check-out" and delivery process. There is no cost for a parking permit. Once you have your permit ordered then you can print out your temporary pass until it arrives. Permits will be mailed to you.

I need to pick the right one. Which permit should I get? add

You will choose the permit for the campus you most frequently attend, but all permits are valid for all campuses. The Denton Exchange Campus, for example, has additional technology in its permit to allow FastPass access into the parking garage.

If you don't frequent The Exchange in Denton, then select your main campus.

How do I access the Denton garage? add

All permits are eligible to access the parking garage at the Denton Exchange Campus even if you don't have a Denton Exchange FastPass permit.

If you have any other valid permit, including a temporary permit, simply scan the barcode on your permit at the gate!

Can I move my permit between vehicles? add

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes you are driving a family member's car, a rental, or have unexpected transportation circumstances and are in another vehicle. You can transfer the permit between vehicles as long as your vehicles are registered to that permit in the NCTC Parking Portal. You can add, remove, or change multiple vehicles in your portal in just a few seconds.

Can the college issue parking and transportation citations? add

Yes. The Department of Public Safety is authorized under Section 51.202 et seq. of the Texas Education Code to regulate parking and transportation for the safety of the campus community.

Campus police officers of the NCTC Department of Public Safety have the authority and discretion to issue warnings, campus notices of violation, or Municipal or Justice of the Peace citations. Civilian staff of the NCTC Department of Public Safety have the authority and discretion to issue warnings or administrative campus notices of violation (campus citation).

What do I do if I receive a citation? add

Campus citations are outlined in the full parking regulations link above. Paying a citation online in the parking portal within 10 days will result in a $5 prompt payment fee reduction. After 10 days, the full fine amount will be in effect.

You may dispute the citation by submitting an appeal and supportive evidence or statement of dispute in the parking portal.

If you receive a municipal citation for a violation of state law, like parking in a disability access space without a state-issued plate or placard for example, then you may receive a citation in which you have to appear before a municipal or justice of the peace court. NCTC does not assess any fines or fees from these cases and failure to address these citations in a timely manner may result in a Failure to Appear charge and a warrant for your arrest.